The 5 Minute University

Learn about a lot, a little at a time

What is the 5 Minute University?

At the 5 Minute University you will hear up to twelve talks, each lasting no more than 5 minutes!

Topics can range from beekeeping to ballet, from physics to jazz. 

There will be a brief Q&A after each talk, and then it's on to the next topic!

At its heart, the 5 Minute University is a way to connect with interesting, thoughtful people where you live.

Conversation is always free flowing during the break and after the event - everyone knows what to talk about, after all...

The 5 Minute University is always a free event and you can also organise one where you live - just get in touch!

We're building a community of people who love to read, think and discuss - we plan to meet up once a year in a castle outside Prague...